"HOME PLATE is one of the most powerful ministry opportunities I have ever been a part of. It has enabled me to use my platform as a follower of Christ and as a baseball player to share my testimony of how Jesus changed my life and how he continues to teach me as I grow in Him. Each year I am encouraged by those who attend and the hundreds who come to know Christ through HOME PLATE." Mike Maroth, Detroit Tigers (2002-2007)

How Does HOME PLATE Make A Difference On Attendees?

“It was so encouraging to hear the guys say that it's not all about them, it's about Jesus”
— Family, Highland MI (2009)

“Thank you for a wonderful event. It was very encouraging to see professional athletes sharing their personal relationships with the Lord.”
— Adult Male, Monroe, MI (2010)

“As a single parent, I appreciate the players sharing their stories. My sons need examples of men of faith! Thank you all!”
— Adult Female, Kimball MI (2009)

“What an awesome ministry! Thank you for making the Gospel message so easy to understand. God bless you!”
— Adult Female, Morenci MI (2006)

“Thank you for this message. My friends have accepted Christ because of your message.”
— Teen Male, Hudson MI (2009)

“I thought the testimonies were awesome! It made me think that I needed to rededicate my life to Christ.”
— Adult Female, Cadillac MI (2009)

“I remember HOME PLATE events back in the late 80's when I was just graduating from college and today I had the pleasure of being here with my 9-year old son – what a blessing! Thank you for a tremendous day.”
— Adult Male, Canton MI (2006)

“I cried when I said the prayer. I felt like a backpack was lifted off.”
— Teen Female, Hazel Park MI (2009)

“The speakers helped me to be strengthened more in my daily walk with Jesus Christ!”
— Adult Male, Detroit MI (2009)

“Great program! This was my family's first visit to the ballpark – what a great way to honor Jesus. Keep up the great work!”
— Adult Male, Canton MI (2006)

“Thank you so much for giving of your time to serve the Lord. This is an awesome opportunity for Christians (like myself) to bring non-believers to an activity to hear about the Lord.”
— Adult Female, Saginaw MI (2009)

“I attended Home Plate for the first time in 2006. I loved it so much that I now lead our church here every year. Thank you so much for putting this on.”
— Adult Male, Sterling Heights, MI (2010)

“You hear so many bad things about professional athletes. It's wonderful to hear the Christians testify about Jesus. Thank you.”
— Adult Female, Monroe MI (2009)

“I am getting baptized tomorrow. I accepted Christ last year during Home Plate.”
— Adult Male, Whitmore Lake, MI (2010)

“Today's service helped me realize how important and how much I need Jesus Christ in my life.”
— Teen Male, Taylor MI (2005)

“I really love how you guys set this up and how you aren't afraid to tell hundreds of people about Christ and what he has done in your lives. I appreciate that tremendously so I thank you and can't wait until next year.”
— Teen Male, Sterling Heights MI (2006)

“I very much enjoyed the program and quality of the speakers. The event seemed well run. Thanks for all your hard work in putting together a quality program for Christians and families.”
— Adult Male, Bay City MI (2006)

“It was great to hear that a 60 year old [Willie Horton] is not too set in his ways to accept Jesus!”
— Adult Female, North Adams MI (2009)

“It was nice to hear how major league players came to know Christ and how they live it every day!”
— Adult Male, Amherstburg ON (2009)

“I loved the variety of testimonies – extremely heartfelt – full of tangible emotion and humor. Thanks again.”
— Adult Female, Hamtamck MI (2005)

“Thanks for bringing this together. What a great way to witness. Seeing sports heroes being grounded by faith is great example for all of us.”
— Adult Male, Rochester Hills MI (2009)

“Awesome. Everyone, thank you for the great stories and testimonies. Thanks for showing me what it is to accept Jesus.”
— Adult Male, Whitmore Lake MI (2009)

“I really enjoyed HOME PLATE because it talks to me on my own level and I think my friend has just become a Christian. Thank you.”
— Teen Male, Taylor MI (2005)

“Great program. Thank you – our young grandson was asking so many questions as Frank talked about heaven and salvation.”
— Adult Female, Clarkston MI (2009)

“Awesome! Thought Provoking!”
— Teen Male, Leonard MI (2006)

“It's so good to see athletes stand up for Christ. My son really needed to see this.”
— Adult Female, Roseville MI (2006)

“I am not exactly a baseball fan, but I was impressed by the event.”
— Adult Male, Waterford, MI (2010)

“What a great idea! Thank God for His vision and the one who has seen and followed it.”
— Adult Male, Grand Rapids MI (2006)

“I especially appreciated the intentional focus on Jesus Christ and the invitation given at the end for others to receive Christ Jesus as Savior. Thank you for a great presentation.”
— Adult Male, Warren MI (2006)

“I love coming to hear the Gospel shared by others, especially in such a public area. You all do a great job. Thank you for taking the time to do this.”
— Adult Female, Portage MI (2006)

“I would like to thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the Lord. I have been coming to HOME PLATE events for 8 years now. Every year the Lord uses all the speakers to speak to my heart. It is because of HOME PLATE that I was saved.”
— Adult Male, Monroe MI (2005)

“Wonderful clear Gospel presentation. It was a challenge to me as a Christian to continue to be strong and public in my faith.”
— Adult Male, Sarnia ON (2005)

“This is my first Home Plate event. In a very hectic life that I lead, revolving too much around my businesses, God awoke me today to remind me that my relationship with Him and my family is not important. Thank you for hosting this event!”
— Adult Male, Rockford, MI (2010)

“Please continue this program. It is wonderful and thank you for being bold for the Lord.”
— Adult Male, Davison MI (2006)

“Good program for providing great role models for kids. We were surrounded by small children. They really listened and were receptive.”
— Adult Female, Toledo OH (2006)

“Thank you! Thank You! Thank you, for sharing the truth. This was my first time to attend. I am very impressed with the open and willing spirits ministering in public.”
— Adult Female, Elkton MI (2005)

“A great event to introduce Jesus to sports fans who may not hear gospel otherwise.”
— Adult Female, Wixom, MI (2010)

“This is my 1st time attending Home Plate. I really didn't know what to expect, and WOW! What an experience. Thank you so much for the chance to hear your wonderful stories.”
— Adult Female, Flint, MI (2010)

“It was great to hear these men speak out so boldly about their faith. Thanks for the event and may God bless this ministry.”
— Adult Male, Saginaw MI (2005)

“This was very inspiring. You guys have changed the way I live. You all spoke to my heart. Thank you so much for taking your time out for me. Bless you all.”
— Teen Female, Allen Park MI (2005)

“My husband has been bringing our 3 children and others to Home Plate for the past few years. We love this ministry and pray for the players who speak and everyone who hears! This is the first year I have come with my family – I see why they enjoy it so much. Thank you!”
— Adult Female, Kalamazoo, MI (2010)

“Enjoyed and was encouraged by the testimonies today. This was my 1st time at Home Plate. Hope you continue for many years! God Bless! A great testimony to the saving power of Christ – it's great to have His name proclaimed boldly!”
— Adult Female, Lansing, MI (2010)

“This is the 1st Home Plate I have attended and brought my 13 year old son. I have given my life to Christ, but have gotten off track. This will help me to get back on the right path.”
— Adult Male, Byron Center, MI (2010)

“It was a great event! Every time I come it gets better! It's amazing how God has imparted the lives of these baseball players. The messages and Gospel they share has inspired me to continue shining my light! Thank you!”
— Teen Female, Northville, MI (2010)

“God is a great savior! Thank you for putting this event on and the bold and biblical presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord! May God bless you richly in Christ!”
— Adult Male, Hudson, MI (2010)

“Great message from the guys. I brought an unsaved friend and know he heard the Gospel!”
— Adult Male, Grand Rapids, MI (2010)

“Thanks so much for sharing your hearts and personal experiences. Enjoy both salvation story and how God is working now!”
— Adult Female, Madison Heights, MI (2010)

“First time – meant a lot to me and my son to hear the players speak open and honestly about Jesus.”
— Adult Male, Pinckney MI (2005)

“I think all the players that said something did a good job. It really got to my heart.”
— Child Female, Brighton MI (2006)

“This is a wonderful opportunity to engage those who would otherwise not be involved with a church activity. Thank you.”
— Adult Male, Deckerville MI (2005)

“It was a great event, really good sincere speakers, a great influence of our youth.”
— Adult Male, Lapeer, MI (2010)

“I appreciated the non-watered down, clear presentation of the Gospel!”
— Adult Male, Norton Shores, MI (2010)

“Today I brought my 10 year old son to this event. I also brought a friend and brother-in-law who are seekers. This event was perfect for them.”
— Adult Male, Lansing, MI (2010)

I had no idea that so many athletes have accepted Christ as their Savior. This is my first Home Plate. I'm a junior in high school. It is just reassuring to see that. Thank you.”
— Teen Male, Canton, MI (2010)

“Thank you dear brothers in sharing your stories of how God changed your life. Thank you for ‘stepping up to the plate’ and being the godly men God calls you to be.”
— Adult Female, Shelby Township MI (2005)

“My 1st time coming and thought it was a great experience. My husband came and I hope his heart was open to receive the Lord.”
— Adult Female, Howell, MI (2010)

“Awesome program. Made me realize how dead I am.”
— Adult Male, Livonia MI (2005)

“This was an awesome program. I brought with me my husband who is not saved yet as well as my cousin and her teen daughter. I pray that through the words spoken today their ears were opened. Thank you for this opportunity to bring my unsaved family members to hear the gospel of Christ. Thank you, God bless you all!”
— Adult Female, Madison Heights, MI (2010)

“Thank you for hosting this event. It is something that I can share with my unsaved family. Also you show my son good Christian role models. Thanks again.”
— Adult Male, Grand Blanc, MI (2010)

“Thank you so much for the players and their testimonies. It really touched my heart and I rededicated my life to Jesus.”
— Adult Male, Wayne, MI (2010)

“You are a great comfort – that you are unafraid to share your faith openly. Thank you, I have strayed away and today I felt the Lord leading me back. ”
— Adult Female, Ypsilanti MI (2009)

“Great Christ-centered program! Glad I came with my neighbor, look forward to coming again.”
— Adult Male, Lansing, MI (2010)

“First time attendee – I am very impressed and very touched by the testimonies. It must be very difficult to resist temptation as a professional athlete. I'm so impressed to know there are Christian men who do. They entertain us and yet they take time to witness. Thank you, for all of it.”
— Adult Female, Garden City, MI (2010)

“Excellent program. I felt God's presence speaking through each speaker.”
— Adult Male, Perry MI (2005)

“Thank you for your testimonies. It was wonderful hearing how our Lord Jesus has work in your lives. Thank you for a great ministry.”
— Adult Male, Gaylord, MI (2010)

“Thank you for today's program. It's so easy to look at a player and think that hey don't have any problems. It's really encouraging to see how God and Jesus have helped in their lives. It really makes me want to live better in His name. So thank you for today and the great encouragement that I feel from all of the great talks. God bless you all.”
— Adult Female, Farmington Hills, MI (2010)