"HOME PLATE is one of the most powerful ministry opportunities I have ever been a part of. It has enabled me to use my platform as a follower of Christ and as a baseball player to share my testimony of how Jesus changed my life and how he continues to teach me as I grow in Him. Each year I am encouraged by those who attend and the hundreds who come to know Christ through HOME PLATE." Mike Maroth, Detroit Tigers (2002-2007)

What Do Pastors Say About HOME PLATE?

HOME PLATE is a homerun. As an opportunity for our church family to fellowship, it is second to none. It has served as well as an anchor event for our men and their families. But as we have utilized HOME PLATE as an opportunity to reach out to our non-churched friends, it goes even further. It really is a non- threatening way to expose our friends to the wonderful news of Jesus Christ while developing relationships with the Body of Christ. We’ve enjoyed so much the opportunity to partner with HOME PLATE and look forward to working together in the future.”
— Pastor Phil Whetstone (2010), Colonial Woods Missionary Church, Port Huron, MI

HOME PLATE is more than a fun day at the ballpark. It is a great opportunity to take a friend or neighbor to hear about the difference Jesus has made in the lives of ball players. The life stories that are told at HOME PLATE lay a great groundwork for follow-up conversations. This is a rare, strategic opportunity to start or continue a conversation about Jesus with those you are praying to reach for Christ.”
— Pastor Darril Holden (2010), Community Bible Church, Brighton, MI

“Thanks for the clear presentation of the Gospel. As a pastor, I know people will come to this that might not come to the church – I know because we brought some!”
— Pastor Bob Wright (2006), Britton Bethel Baptist Church, Britton, MI

“Through our years of partnership with HOME PLATE we have seen God work in changing lives through salvations and rededications. Jeff and his team run HOME PLATE with focus and excellence.”
— Pastor Doug Schmidt (2010), Woodside Bible Church, Troy, MI

HOME PLATE is an important ministry for our church. It attracts both young and old, guys and girls. We've taken a large group to HOME PLATE for the last 10 years. We know that every person who goes is going to hear a clear presentation of the gospel and have an opportunity to respond. Many in our church use it as an opportunity to invite un-churched friends and relatives.”

“The testimonies of the various athletes both challenges and inspires our people. To see well known athletes living for Christ, in the midst of their own trials and temptations, encourages the rest of us to do the same.”

“We're already planning for next year's HOME PLATE!”
— Pastor Tim Knaus (2010), First Baptist Church, St. Johns, Michigan

“What do you do when you have a friend or neighbor who just won't come to church? My son was facing that dilemma. He invited his neighbor to HOME PLATE and the neighbor was thrilled about coming. The neighbor heard the gospel presented clearly by men he looked up to as a sports fan. At the invitation he trusted Christ. I appreciate Jeff Totten making sure that those who give their testimony are truly born again and that they articulate the gospel very clearly for those in attendance. HOME PLATE: a great event for Christian fellowship.”
— Pastor Glenn Ray (2010), Maranatha Baptist Church, Lansing, MI

“It was a blessing to hear Frank Tanana give an un-watered down Gospel presentation. In this day when so many speakers are rounding off the sharper edges of the truth, it was a blessing to hear it straight. No matter the results: Jesus Christ was honored and exalted.”
— Pastor Dan McGhee (2009), Harvest Bible Chapel, Canton, MI

“Every year this congregation looks forward to going to the HOME PLATE in Detroit. For youngsters (and adults) to see the baseball players, past and present sharing their faith in Jesus Christ is awesome. God has richly blessed our area with this event. This is a faithful, hardworking ministry worthy of your support!”
— Pastor Bob Blohm, Jr. (2010), First Saint John Lutheran Church, Toledo, OH

“In my mind, HOME PLATE is a unique ministry because it exalts the gospel of Christ to a greater pedestal than the terrific American game of baseball and even the famous players who make their living playing the game. What impacts the fans from my church are how many believing players exalt Jesus Christ and tell how He has changed their lives and this is simply wonderful to see as a pastor who desires to present Jesus Christ to spiritually needy men, women and young people. It is a valuable ministry and one that our local church supports regularly with joy! Special thanks to Jeff Totten!”
— Pastor Larry Saunders (2010), Prairieville Bible Church, Delton, MI

“Personal testimony is a powerful evangelistic tool. HOME PLATE provides a great opportunity for athletes to share their own personal testimony of faith in Jesus Christ for the sake of those in attendance who have not yet heard and believed the Gospel. This event allows our church an opportunity to expose non-believers to an unfamiliar Message in a familiar environment.”
— Pastor Don Denyes (2010), South Church, Lansing, MI

“We have found the HOME PLATE event to be a very effective tool for evangelism for our church. It has provided an enjoyable activity for our own people but also given us an opportunity to invite un-churched friends to the ballgame and the HOME PLATE program. There are baseball fans who will not darken the door of the church but will attend the Tiger ballgame. The testimonies of the ballplayers and the preaching of Frank Tanana are powerful and a clear presentation of the gospel is given each year.”
— Pastor Dan Currie (2010), Hastings Baptist Church, Hastings, MI

“The HOME PLATE event was totally awesome, as our group became enthralled with each speaker and was brought ‘home’ by the sharing of the Gospel through the powerful and pointed testimonies. The program was definitely a ‘homerun’ and a bona fide top-flight event.”
— Pastor Alan Maki (2010), First Baptist Church of Tecumseh, Tecumseh, Michigan